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Our goal

The goal of Bring Your Manos is to empower people through Hip Hop education. With the values of peace, love, unity and having fun we thrive to liberate people by supporting them with knowledge, money and networking. The foundation of our projects are the lessons that we teach to youth about the art forms of the hip hop culture such as dj-ing, graffiti-ing, emceeing and bboying. On these foundations we build.

We build up with organizing events, giving shows and giving workshops. By doing this we try to achieve our main goal and inspire more people to do the same.

We don’t are limit ourselfs to the boundries of the four elements but see a lifestyle for peace, love, unity and having fun that can evolve in more elements. Because of that we also support others to educate en empower people to accomplish better healthcare, a more dureable and sustainable environment and decrease corruption, racism and the gap between poor and rich.