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Back in Holland

We are back in Holland and man it was awesome! Massive shout out and big respect to the Hip Hop culture in Ecuador that welcomed me with open arms and gave the project such big opportunities. Those opportunities leaded to a great result of the project. We now teach different elements of Hip Hop to about 30 children two times a week.

I’m happy to introduce to you the Bring Your Manos teachers from Ecuador. At the end of the purple arrow our breaking teacher – and now coordinator of the project – Saul Castillo(bboy raprock), on the ground doing a chair freeze our graffiti teacher Joseph Reinaldo and between them in the middle our rap teacher Rafael Mota from Ghetto Mota.IMG_7186

Above on the left of the picture there are two volunteers of Local Dreamers, including Dirk-Jan van Klaveren. During his time in Quito he also coordinated the project. Big up for his work at the project! Because of his effort we had a great event where we brought all the students, their parents, the volunteers and the teachers together to learn more about Hip Hop and about each other. Thanks brother for all your energy! Hope you wear your well-deserved bring your manos shirt with pride. Check out a small video of the event here.

I also want to thank all the other volunteers from Local Dreamers and CENIT. Pim (who is in the picture on the left) finished together with Joseph the graffiti pieces on the roof of the house of my host family. Eden and Anouschka helped out with the lessons at the beginning and also Johanne was almost every lesson we did at CENIT there. She also asked Joseph to make a graffiti piece at a playground to make it a nicer place for the kids of Camal market. It was really fun to do that! To all thanks for your support!

IMG_7017 IMG_7015 IMG_7122 IMG_7035

Besides of letting you know what our results were and besides thanking everybody, I find it really hard to say something about my experiences, because things are just so different down there. But one thing is for sure: I loved it. I hope I can give you an image of my experiences in Ecuador through the photos and the video that I have made.

I also hope that I can make you happy by providing you the opportunity to go to Ecuador and meet with the Bring Your Manos crew. Yes you read it right. As a volunteer or as an intern you can go to Quito and experience everything in real life. Contact us if you want to go. Also when you want to go as an intern but you are not sure yet whether your school would approve it. I hope that in the future that we can collaborate with academies or schools to let their student experience art and culture trough Hip Hop. Also contact us if you just want to go to Ecuador and meet us. Haha. I would love to give you some tips where to go and who to meet. Check out this link site for more information.

Thanks for having interest in the project and in my story.

Peace & Love!


Patrick Steffens

Founder of the Bring Your Manos project