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First contact

Bring Your Manos is alive! We had a great preparation period in Holland with the first Bring Your Manos event where we raised over 1000 euros for the project. Where I and people of Quito are very thankful for. So first I want to thank you for all support! For the one who weren’t there: here are the, in mine opinion, hardest battles of the day. And don’t worry there will be another Bring Your Manos edition for sure so you can catch the vibe.

All-style battle 2vs2Breaking crew battle

Right now I’m one month here and the project is booming! I had a great four weeks of getting to know the culture of Ecuador, the organizations and people of Quito. I’m really happy to have met a lot of breakers from here in such a small time. Such as Saul, who is now attending English lessons to learn English and teaching the kids in breaking for a small reimbursement. In that way we intend to support the people of the hip hop culture, create a new generation and give a chance to youth to learn within the culture.

Because of the renovation of Local Dreamers, the Dutch organization we work with, we are able to also practice graffiti. We already had two lessons with our new teacher Joseph. Who taught the kids of the talent school how to first draw on paper and how to make a piece on the wall. Yes, we already sprayed a wall. And this is just the beginning…

Also with the support of Local Dreamers, Bring Your Manos have invested in a music box for rap sessions and a dj-controller for the DJ lessons. One group of kids is already getting known with the technics of mixing and scratching in the lessons.

Last week I talked to an organization called CENIT (The Integrated Childhood and Adolescence Center) that helps at-risk and vulnerable girls, boys and adolescents. We talked about the Bring Your Manos project and they loved it. Next week we will give a demonstration at CENIT and after that we start there with a full schedule with lessons of breakdance, DJ-ing and graffiti and rap. The planning is that all year long the lessons will continue with locals as teachers and the volunteers & students as the managers of the project and helping & supporting the youth with their learning traject. So if you want to go to Ecuador, have a great time and help us out. Contact us! It is possible.

I’m hoping that all the plans will work out so that we can reach a lot of youth with the power of hip hop. But to let it work out we need some more help.

We want to give the local teachers, such as Saul, a small reimbursement of about 5 dollars per hour. But right now we don’t have enough to pay the teachers all year long. Please support them by donating on our website, sharing this message and like-ing our facebook page.

Thanks for your support!

Peace and love!

 Below the photo’s & video’s

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IMG_0288 IMG_0292 IMG_5561 IMG_5690 IMG_5762IMG_5765




Anniversary of Huaskar Tribe

Battle of Huskar Tibre vs Wazy Style at anniversary of Huaskar Tribe

Breaking teacher Saul battling

Breaking lesson one for the awesome kids

Graffiti lessons on the roof

Vibing at Fiesta Internacional de Baile

Teacher Saul at the breaking lessons